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Unlike many other general dental offices, we offer some orthodontic treatment! Spring retainers are a wonderful option to straighten crowded or crooked front teeth, especially for adults whose teeth tend to move and for children who did not wear their retainers after braces. All it requires is taking an impression of the teeth and having our orthodontic lab fabricate your retainer. Then about every six weeks we reactivate the retainer so that active forces are still distributed on the teeth. Depending on how many hours a patient wears the retainer, many of our patients finish straightening their crooked front teeth in as little as four months. Unlike full braces, there is no gum irritation or "metal mouth"showing, and brushing and eating is normal, due to the removable nature of the retainer. In addition, the cost is approximately 90% less than full braces or Invisalign trays! The photos taken below are at the four month point of retainer wear.


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