In order to meet HIPAA requirements and to serve you better, we have a portal to communicate securely with you.   Please look for an email invitation to set up your Schneider Family Dentistry personal healthcare portal in the next few weeks.  If you don’t receive one, please call the office and we’ll send you an invitation.  The email will come from Schneider Family Dentistry via [email protected]  You may want to check your spam folder if you don't see the invitation in your inbox.  Once you open the email, simply click Log Me In and follow the directions.  Please keep in mind that the link expires within 24 hours - if your link has expired, call the office and we'll send you a new invitation. 

Once you have set up your portal, you can access it by going to or by clicking the portal link on our website. Through your portal, you can view upcoming appointments, complete your patient forms, view your billing statements, and make secure payments.   You can also access educational videos.  We understand that you may already have several portals for your other healthcare providers and that it can be frustrating to create another portal.  However, we are required by HIPAA to protect your privacy, and a personal portal is the best way to keep your health information safe.  Most healthcare providers use portals for that reason, and we hope you see the value in these protections and create your Schneider Family Dentistry portal.

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