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laser dentistryAs one of the first dental offices to embrace laser use in Montgomery County, MD, we are still excited about their benefits! 

Currently, we have 6 different lasers in use, including 4 different wavelengths.  This allows us to use the right tool for the job.  Some help us to find sneaky cavities, another scans your teeth (to replace messy impressions), while others are used to remove decay and perform gum and bone work!  Using the differing wavelengths amplifies their usefulness, and all of our lasers are portable to allow each room to benefit.

Prior to laser use, a procedure like recontouring a "gummy smile" used to consist of lots of anesthetic, a scalpel, sometimes stitches, and a difficult time healing.  Using the laser, however, allows us to achieve better, faster results without numbing or using scalpels!  The laser heals the area at the same procedure time, with the patient returning to a normal day at work.

Gum disease can be treated efficiently and comfortably using our lasers, often with superior results you can feel.

Ask us how our lasers can help you achieve the best results for a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile!

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