Since the introduction of fluoride in 1955, there has not been too many revolutionary "jumps" in the prevention of dental decay.  Until now. 

    A plant-derived, natural sugar called Xylitol changed all that a few years ago, and will be a more household word soon. As the best of the sugar alcohols, xylitol barely raises your blood sugar (glycemic index is only 7 compared to 76 for fructose household sugar), it decreases the plaque levels in the mouth by 50%, and a cavity reduction of around 50-75%!!!!!

Ideally, you should aim to have 3-5 servings of xylitol per day.  Too much may result in a laxative effect.  There have been over 1500 studies showing the effectiveness of xylitol and it can be used by any age group! 

Xylitol can be found in high quality mints, gums, breath sprays, dry mouth gels, candies, and even as a crystalline form as a baking substitue.  Other "cousins" of xylitol are sorbitol, mannitol, erythritol, and currently you may find it in the grocery store baking section as a crystalline form sold as Truvia.  While the other sugar alcohols are beneficial, xylitol is the most desireable and should be at the top of your list since it has the most anti-cavity effect and affects your blood sugar levels the least.

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